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Return / Refund Policy

If an item is damaged, defective or you’re unsatisfied with it upon collection, you can deny acceptance and a refund will be processed. Where the product has already been accepted but found to be damaged, defective or otherwise unsatisfactory, a refund may be provided, in accordance with the terms laid out in the Policy. Please indicate your order number and send your request via email to: dutyfree@caribbean-airlines.com no later than 30 days after receiving your purchase.

Once you have made the request, you’re required to make arrangements with Trinidad & Tobago Customs so that you may return to the store at Piarco International Airport, Trinidad, with the item and your receipt. Please note that items MUST also be returned unopened, unexpired, in their original undamaged packaging with all tags attached. Refunds are not provided for items that expire after the date of purchase, marked as promotional, or on sale. Refunds are provided on the purchase price of the item only and do not include any customs fees, online transaction charges or any other fees paid that were not directly imposed by the store.

We will examine the item when it has been returned and will confirm that the purchase was made at the store before processing the refund.

Terms & Conditions

Duty Free Terms

Persons under 18 will not be permitted to purchase alcoholic beverages.

Prices, packaging and products are subject to change without prior notice.

Prices, product descriptions and other website content is not guaranteed to be free of error, up to date, accurate or complete.

Availability of redeemed items may be impacted by extraordinary circumstances including but not limited to flight disruption and aircraft operation requirements.

Caribbean Duty Free is not liable under any circumstances for damage caused by products including but not limited to those that may be defective, whether it is aware of the possibility of damage and supposition of liability pursuant to which damage may be sought.

Orders must be made a minimum of 24 hours before your flight. Our customer service team may be contacted from Monday through Friday by email at dutyfree@caribbean-airlines.com.

Maintaining confidentiality of your account and restricting access to your devices are strictly your responsibility.

Caribbean Airlines' Duty Free Privacy Statement

This privacy statement provides information on how Caribbean Airlines collects and processes your personal data when you visit our website to purchase our Duty Free products.

It is important that you read this privacy statement together with our website privacy policy which contains more detailed information about our data processing and can be accessed here.

Terms of Use

The Duty Free products and services supplied are subject to our Terms and Conditions.


From time to time we may make updates to this statement in order to ensure that we remain current with our legal requirements and business operational needs. We ask that you make regular checks to our page to ensure that you are aware of the most up to date version of our privacy statement. If we make material changes to this privacy statement, we will seek to inform you by notice on our website or email ("Notice of Change").

Third Party Websites Terms of Use

The data we cllect about you

We may collect, use, store and transfer different kinds of personal data about you to fulfil our agreement with you and provide services as explained here:

  • Identity Data
  • Contact Data
  • Financial Data
  • Transaction Data
  • Technical Data
  • Profile Data
  • Usage Data
  • Marketing and Communications Data

We explain these categories of data here.

e.gs in order to register you with the CAL duty free Website and administer our Website services, such as requests for duty free collection;

  • to answer any queries, including feedback, claims, complaints which you may send us
  • to allow you to contact us in the different ways set out on the Duty Free Website

We use different methods to collect data about you, which are explained here

List of cookies we collect

The table below lists the cookies we collect and what information they store.

Cookie Name Cookie Description
FORM_KEY Stores randomly generated key used to prevent forged requests.
PHPSESSID Your session ID on the server.
GUEST-VIEW Allows guests to view and edit their orders.
PERSISTENT_SHOPPING_CART A link to information about your cart and viewing history, if you have asked for this.
STF Information on products you have emailed to friends.
STORE The store view or language you have selected.
USER_ALLOWED_SAVE_COOKIE Indicates whether a customer allowed to use cookies.
MAGE-CACHE-SESSID Facilitates caching of content on the browser to make pages load faster.
MAGE-CACHE-STORAGE Facilitates caching of content on the browser to make pages load faster.
MAGE-CACHE-STORAGE-SECTION-INVALIDATION Facilitates caching of content on the browser to make pages load faster.
MAGE-CACHE-TIMEOUT Facilitates caching of content on the browser to make pages load faster.
SECTION-DATA-IDS Facilitates caching of content on the browser to make pages load faster.
PRIVATE_CONTENT_VERSION Facilitates caching of content on the browser to make pages load faster.
X-MAGENTO-VARY Facilitates caching of content on the server to make pages load faster.
MAGE-TRANSLATION-FILE-VERSION Facilitates translation of content to other languages.
MAGE-TRANSLATION-STORAGE Facilitates translation of content to other languages.

How we collect and use your personal data

We will only use your personal data for the purpose for which we collected it which include the following:

  • To register you as a new customer.
  • To process and deliver your order.
  • To manage your relationship with us.
  • To enable you to participate in a prize draw, competition or complete a survey.
  • To improve our website, products/services, marketing or customer relationships.
  • To recommend products or services which may be of interest to you.

International transfers

We operate services within the Caribbean, North and South American region. Personal Data may be stored and processed in any country where we do business or our service providers do business. We may transfer your Personal Data to countries other than your own country, including to the United States. These countries may have data protection rules that are different from your country. Some of these countries have laws which do not offer in the opinion of the European Commission or other supervisory authorities an adequate level of data protection.

When transferring data across borders, we take measures to comply with applicable data protection laws related to such transfer. Officials (such as law enforcement or security authorities) in those other countries may be entitled to access your Personal Data.

Where we transfer your personal information outside Caribbean Airlines or to third parties who help provide our products and services we obtain contractual commitments from them to protect your personal information.

From time to time, we may receive requests for information from government entities international organisations or regulators. However, before doing so we place great effort in ensuring that these requests are carefully scrutinized and validated to ensure that it is legally appropriate to share the requested personal information.

Your Legal Rights

Under certain circumstances, and depending on the country that you are in or from or even how we interact with you, you may have certain rights. Please contact us at dutyfree@caribbean-airlines.com so that we may discuss this aspect further with you and any questions or complaints about this Privacy Policy.